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About Kristy &
Crazy Girl LLC

Hi all! My name is Kristy McChristy #thatismymarriedname and I'm the Crazy Girl! Below is a picture of me and my husband, Ron, We met on E-Harmony. In less than a week's time he had personalized my ring tone to play "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band whenever I called. We met in person in a crowded airport, just in case he was a crazy guy. We chatted over a couple of beers, and "the rest," as they say, "is history!" We got married in a quiet little park in Wichita, Kansas, and immediately moved to the mid-west.  We now call Southeast Wisconsin our home.  In April of 2022 we both crazily and simultaneously quit our 9-5 jobs to become entrepreneurs, focusing solely on our already established side-jobs. 


We took a huge leap of faith, which has allowed us to spend more time with each other, as well as our families, and it catapulted our relationship with God in ways we couldn't have imagined and our amazing God always pulled us through. The two of us, are super passionate about many things, but our interests are extremely different. It makes our life so much more interesting! 


We have one precious girl, Alexus who still lives with us, and four boys Shea, Skyler & Brandon, and Robert, who all live on their own.. We have three spoiled schnauzers who rule the roost. We love football, especially our Packers and Chiefs.. We enjoy watching YouTube, listening to music and making a mess in the kitchen and Ron makes a mess in his garage. 

Forget the steak dinner. We love cheap @ss hotdogs and draft beer and we aspire to fix up our dilapidated camper we call "Lucky," so we can travel with our dogs, visit family and friends across the US, and enjoy the great outdoors. I am a Reality TV junkie, who loves to talk during movies, do new things,  play games and cards and socialize! People bring us life and we have no plans of retiring. We simply treat each day like it is our last and do everything we can to love each other more and more every day. I, personally and boldly wear many hats, which has been true of me since I was a little girl. I am a natural-born leader and these are my hats....



First and foremost, I was a professional event coordinator (aka: youth pastor) for twenty years and have been accustomed to creating detailed task lists, planning grand events, offering top-notch communication and executing highly stressful celebrations. I grew up frequenting weddings before I could even speak. Being a cake decorator's daughter meant my siblings and I were the "designated wedding helpers" every weekend. It didn't take long for the pomp and circumstance of a wedding to seep into my soul! In my experience as a pastor, I was the on-site coordinator for all of our weddings. I ran the back of the house and ensured that each couple and their family were taken care of on wedding day.  I was also the glorified "sound girl."  I am greatly moved by the eloquent promises made at a couple's wedding. I use my experiences and passion for weddings and events to collaborate with clients to ensure their vision comes to fruition. It's all about what you want. Whether you wish for your day to be contemporary, modern, traditional or quirky, I will work enthusiastically and relentlessly with each client to make that possible.  

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