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Dream | Top Power | Heat Friendly Synthetic Topper
  • Dream | Top Power | Heat Friendly Synthetic Topper

    Introducing the exquisite Dream hair topper by Ellen Wille - an impeccable solution for those seeking to combat minimal to medium hair loss with grace and finesse. Its distinct small base boasts a hand-crafted monofilament that grants the flexibility to part this charming piece as you desire. Enhanced by a slim polyurethane perimeter, the Dream allows for adhesive usage for an impeccable fit.
    Experience unparalleled comfort with five lightweight clips designed to ensure security and seamless wear. Crafted from Ellen Wille's premium heat-friendly synthetic fiber, the Dream topper can effortlessly withstand temperatures up to 260 F. Revel in the sheer elegance of this longer length option, measuring 16 inches - making it a flawless complement for those with naturally long tresses. Unveil your ultimate hair fantasy with the Dream hair topper, a touch of luxury, and sophistication.
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