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Coaching & Mentorship

Kristy has twenty plus years of experience in full time ministry and her expertise is vast. Consider bringing in Kristy McChristy to be a Ministry Coach, Mentor or Consultant in support of your ministry.


Kristy's Areas of Expertise

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Puppet Ministry

  • Early Childhood Chapel Talks

  • Youth Ministry

  • Mission Trip Planning

  • Music Ministry

  • Building and Leading a Contemporary Worship Band

  • Prayer


Are you presently serving in full-time ministry, going through the motions? Are you burned out? Have you lost the spark you once had for ministry? Have you been hurt by the church? Have you been hurt by someone in the church? By the time Kristy took a break from ministry she was robotically going through the motions and had nothing left to give. In spite of her desire to continue, God closed that doorDuring her five year sabbatical, Kristy became a "Chr-Easter," you know, the ones who only come to church only on Christmas and Easter? She became a regular parishioner  (who didn't attend very regular) and she observed and experienced things from a completely different perspective.  She was no longer a leader in the church, but was simply a visitor in the church.  She saw the students leaving on a mission trip, rather than being on the bus, being trusted to keep her students safe on their trip. She was able to worship at an array of unique church denominations and was challenged to dig deep into God's Word to determine what it was she actually believed in. Thankfully, she is now, more than ever, in a beautiful relationship with God. She is well-rested and renewed and she has a wealth of learning and growth under her belt. Kristy has felt God's call for some time, to walk alongside full-time church workers and those priceless volunteers that literally do everything at church because they don't want to let the ministry die.  Consider inviting Kristy to walk alongside and mentor you or another leader you know that might benefit from some extra prayer and support.  Contact Kristy at and start a conversation.

What Does a Coaching Include?

  1. Initial Conversation

  2. On-Site Observation

  3. Intentional Prayer

  4. Emergency Communication (as needed)

  5. Weekly Virtual Meetings/Bible Study/Worship

  6. Goal Setting with Accountability

  7. Personalized Coaching & Guidance

  8. Continued Support & Encouragement Through Contracted Time

Ministry Consulting

What Does a Consult Include?

  1. Initial Conversation

  2. On-Site Observation

  3. Written Evaluation

  4. On-Site Assessment & Presentation to any Staff & Volunteers Involved in Specific Ministry

  5. Personalized Coaching to Staff and Volunteers

  6. Follow Up On-Site Observation

  7. Continued Support Through Contracted Time

Let's Work Together

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